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The Revolutionary RRM Technology
QBR's Innovation


RRM is a novel technology developed as a biophysical model based on findings that certain periodicities/frequencies within the distribution of energies of free electrons along the protein are critical for protein biological function and interaction with protein receptors.


What is RRM Technology?

The RRM approach enables us to identify molecular electromagnetic frequencies and interaction resonance.

A particular resonance will correspond to a particular biological process.
This enables us to design a bioactive peptides which either supports or inhibits the desired molecular interaction such as an viral infection or disrupt production of enzymes such as beta-lactamase, which is causing bacterial resistance.

New Class of Peptides

The RRM platform is a disruptive strategy for developing therapies against viruses and resistant bacteria.


Test results show that RRM technology can be successfully used to identify and design novel peptides with the aim to inhibit viral infection and remove bacterial resistance.

Advantages of RRM Technology 

Our RRM platform enables us to design peptide with very precise singular molecular interaction which does not affect other biological processes in the body. Therefore, we can potentially avoid unwanted side effects and create very safe treatments.

The other advantage of our approach is that our peptide, Cov18A, developed to inhibit SARS-CoV-2, does not bind to cell receptor or spike. 

QBRs peptide can be used to treat people who are ALREADY infected but also as PREVENTION of infections.

QBR’s peptide can be administered both IV and also as a nasal spray.

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